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These cigarettes could be the way of the future. They are odorless as well as possibly a better choice if you’re not prepared to quit. People spend thousands of dollars on patches, pills, gum, lozenges and prescription drugs to attempt to stop smoking altogether. Why not find cheap electronic cigarettes online to try out instead so that you can see just how great they are for yourself? Then, you might decide to switch over just like many others have already done. Next, what’s so wonderful about these cigarettes is that you don’t even need a lighter to “smoke” them! Batteries within the cigarette ignite when you inhale to trigger the liquid within the cartridge.

They even light up on the end like a real cigarette cherry! Some people have been smokers for years and within a week completely been cigarette free and are smoking e-cigs. They very well could be adding years onto their lives and may even beat health problems by switching over as soon as possible. There are actually many brands of quality Electronic cigarettes available for purchase. They can be bought in various strengths as well as flavors of your preference. Menthol, regular tobacco, vanilla, coffee, mint, chocolate, almond, cherry, strawberry or apple are some flavors available. Some even come flavored like Marlboros or Camels. But what’s best is that there is absolutely no tobacco in these versions of cigarettes!

The best electronic cigarette is attaining fame slowly but surely and it won’t be long until people make their choice known as to which one they prefer most. Until then, you’re free to try out whatever ones you deem as worthwhile. If you’ve already seen them at kiosks or other stores around where you live, why not buy some and find out the difference personally? Or if you are sincerely researching a different way to get the same fix ordinary smokes provide, why not order a kit online?