Smoking can be an extremely addicting habit. If you or someone you know smokes, you know just how hard it can be to stop. I bet you have tried every possible option to stop smoking like patches, gum, you name it you have tried it. The rising cost of cigarettes is also taking the toll on many cigarette smokers bank accounts. The smoking bans in the United States are just making it even harder to get your nicotine fix.

So what if there was a way to combat all of these downfalls of cigarettes?

The answer is switch to an electronic cigarette. The recent advancements in micro technology have allowed for an invention so revolutionary, and so innovative that it is already taking over the smoking world at a staggering rate. The electronic cigarette is a device that is used to simulate smoking and give the user the sensation of smoking, but it doesn’t even actually emit any smoke at all. So how does an electronic cigarette work? Electronic cigarettes are made up of 3 parts, the battery, the atomizer, and the nicotine cartridge. When a smoker inhales on the end of the electronic cigarette just as they would a traditional tobacco smoke, this activates the atomizer. The atomizer then heats up the nicotine solution inside of the cartridge. The nicotine solution is then in vapor form and is inhaled into the mouth of the smoker. This gives them the same sensation that smoking would, but the nicotine solution doesn’t contain the thousands of deadly poisons that accompany the old cigarettes.

This revolution in the smoking industry is not only allowing users an alternative but it can be significantly cheaper to operate an electronic (or e-cigarette or electric) cigarette. This is because the equivalent amount of puffs from one disposable cartridge in an electronic cigarette is about 75 percent less than that same amount from regular smokes. This is a huge difference in that if you smoke on average a pack of cigarettes a day, you could save over $1,000 per year. A pack of cigarettes every day could add up to over $1,500. It would be much less to use an electronic cigarette.

Not only would you be saving hundreds of dollars a year, you would be able to “smoke” whenever and wherever you want. Electronic cigarettes are not enforceable by law because they contain no tobacco. The smoking bans in the United States only target products that contain tobacco in them. People all over the United States and the world are able to get their nicotine in places like bars, night clubs, and even on airplanes. If you have never heard of or seen an electronic cigarette before, chances are in the near future they will be as common as regular cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is going to change the world and is already starting to take over very rapidly in the smoking world. Keep an eye out for electronic cigarettes because they haven’t been around for that long but are already becoming very popular.