Electronic Cigarettes are an absolutely innovative and terribly exciting product that is taking the entire world of smoking by storm. Those who are still unfamiliar with the concept of electronic cigarettes will find this article informative. Electronic cigarettes may be considered an alternate smoking experience that will provide the same nature of pleasure and level of satisfaction like smoking a traditional cigarette or a cigar. But the redeeming feature is e-cigarette will not cause the type of health problems and killer diseases that are generally associated with traditional smoking.

First of all, Electronic cigarettes are non-flammable and not meant to be lighted. It is rather driven by the latest microelectronic technology. The materials needed to enjoy e-cigarettes are:

  • ┬áSmall rechargeable battery
  • Unique replaceable cartridge
  • Membrane containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine
  • A scent that simulates tobacco flavorings

When you smoke with e-cigarettes, the process produces a smoke-like substitute which is factually nothing more than a vapor mist. This mist almost instantly disappears but provides the smoker near identical pleasures associated with conventional smoking. E-cigarette produces the same titillating joy that smokers are accustomed to and over time, even heavy smokers of regular cigarettes/cigars will be able to painlessly switch over to smoking e-cigarettes. It is to be noted that the primary cartridge ingredient is just propylene glycol, and the secondary ingredients are water, nicotine and a suitable flavor to simulate the flavor and to an extent, the same taste of traditional cigarettes. The most important factor is the cartridge is totally free from the tar or additives found in tobacco-based cigarettes and cigars.

The fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette is called smoke juice, or more commonly as e-liquid. E-liquid is the key component of the e-cigarette as it provides the Nicotine solution as well as the flavoring. The e-liquid also causes the vapor that simulates the traditional tobacco cigarette smoke. The first secret ingredient that makes up a quality e-liquid is flavoring. Most like the traditional flavor of tobacco or menthol, while others enjoy the all sorts of sweet and fruitful flavors. Today, e-juice is available in a variety of flavors to satisfy differing individual tastes- ranging from the customary tobacco flavors to fruit and candy. All you have to do is to just add a few drops of your favorite flavor in the electronic device to enjoy the taste and flavor.

Some popular e-juices available in the market are Apple, Amaretto, Banana, Banana Split, Blueberry, Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate R aspberry, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Cola, Cool mint, Ginger, Crumb cake, Double Chocolate, Egg Nog, French vanilla, French Toast, Strawberry, Vanilla etc. Those fond of experimenting with different flavors may be interested to know that the one added advantage of e-cigarette is you can add various flavors in it in the form of e-juice. You should remember that flavor and tastes are highly subjective and therefore it will not be fair to say which flavor is better. It is recommended that smokers use the different flavor liquids or mix them correctly to decide the taste that best suits them.